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We offer you not only the best taste but also the art of each dish and the superior quality of meat, seafood and vegetable! We keep the authentic taste with a preparation by the cooking experts who have worked long time in the best restaurants in India and Nepal.

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Using MYFOODS.LU : In the menu at the top right, choose the language, Login, if not, sign up for a new customer, fill in all the fields, TELEPHONE number with 00352 or 0033, 0032, 0049, ..etc. Go back to Home, choose PICKUP or DELIVERY, if you made a login then you see your address on the current location, then click on find restaurant / business. Choose the restaurant / business, select dishes or items, or pre-order for the whole week. Go to Check-out, choose the payment method, then place the order. In the app, if you see the text in red (Please enter the correct information!), then you must choose the payment method in red, missing, then place the order! In the menu at the top on the right, on My orders, click on the order already made, in the messages, you can consult the order status or the restaurant / business message. MyFoods.Lu is available on App Store and Google Play!

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Lunch buffet from Monday to Friday 12:00-14:00. Express home delivery of 10 km from our restaurant.